How to Install WordPress and Practice Using it For Free!

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Simple Steps Learn How to Install WordPress and Practice Using it For Free!

If you are looking to design
a website on the g without much hassle, installing WordPress is the way to go.
But there are a lot of beginners that find this process a bit tough because
they lack the experience of installing WordPress, which will be our topic of
discussion today –
how to install WordPress learn
with simple steps
. You
can also have a look at
how to practice using WordPress
for free


If you search for WordPress
online, you will find two results of the software – and The difference in them is that – allows you to
make and host your website on their website. However, they have the right to
delete your website if they feel like you might at any time be violating their
agreement terms. You also cannot use plugins or monetize your website with ads.
This makes WordPress installation difficult for beginners.

This is the reason you should
prefer to build your website. The installation of WordPress
software provides the same design range and layout customization options while
giving you the option to self-host. There are some advantages when you select
to self-host your website, like being able to monetize your website with ads,
access thousands of plugins, having the option to customize your store. This
offers you to customize your website entirely. It also gives you the freedom to
own your domain name.


Install WordPress on Your Computer

There are two ways to install
WordPress on your computer. You can either do a local installation and then opt
for a hosting plan or you can host directly through a website.

We will talk about the web
hosting step in detail further in this post.

Local Installation

WordPress installation on
your computer locally is lengthy and can be confusing. All the website data
will be stored on your PC in local installation, ready to use. However, that
does not mean that it will automatically get uploaded for everyone to see on
the internet. To achieve that, you will require two things: a hosting plan and
a domain name. If you don’t want to go through the lengthy installation process
of WordPress on your computer, then registering for a hosting service and then
migrate your website to it. An easier alternative to this for beginners is to
select a web hosting provider.

All you have to do is choose
a web hosting provider.

Web-Hosting Installation

Follow the steps given below
for Web-Hosting Installation of
WordPress. We will use HostGator for better understanding in this article.


Go to the HostGator website
you wish to use and register on the website.


Once you have signed in, head
on over to the see options that say ‘Dashboard’ and ‘Marketplace’. Click on
‘Marketplace’ and scroll down until you can see the option – “One-Click


You will now see lots of
website building options, out of which one will be WordPress. Select WordPress.


Now, all you have left to do
is to name your website, enter your name and email of admin. Make sure you
agree to all the terms and conditions of the web hosting service. Once you have
completed all these steps, click on the “Install” option.


Once you are done with the
registration and installation, make sure you save the username and password in
a safe place as you will have to log in manually, which won’t be possible
without the credentials.

WordPress setup will now be
completed on your computer. This is the end of our tutorial on Installing
WordPress for beginners. If you have any queries, you can let us know below in
the comment section.


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