imlie today written update 9 april 2022 | Imlie 9th April 2022 Episode Written Update

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imlie today written update 9 april 2022 | Imlie 9th April 2022 Episode Written Update

The episode begins with Imlie discovering articles in his office.

Imlie 9th April 2022 Episode Written Update

Imlie looks for related articles of Arvind in the office but finds nothing in the entire record room. Neela tries to make up the doll’s hair. Gudiya is upset that she has not been able to upload pictures on social media for the last four hours and is worried about her messy hair. Neela scolds Gudiya and tells her to stop crying and Neela tells her to sour her teeth thinking about Imlie.

Imlie visits the Rathor Pharmaceuticals factory and vows to do everything she can to uncover the truth, recalling Aryan’s comments. She then faces questions from the factory security guard. According to the guard, Arvind was a kind man, and then the guard also becomes furious. The guard remembers Arvind burning alive in his car in front of him. He further says that some journalists came to the facility and took pictures and later Arvind died.

He asks do you know any journalist. She remembers that Aditya is destroying the file and believes he will refuse to help her, so she needs to find another reporter. After returning home, Imlie returns to work. Aryan brings her an energy drink and locks Imlie laptop with him, and asks Imlie to take a break. Aryan starts a fight with Imlie and Imlie refuses to take a break and tells Aryan to fast forward. Aryan covers Imlie mouth with his hand and gives her an energy drink. She takes a sip and says, “It’s bitterer than poison!” As she continues her performance. Aryan feeds her candy to reduce her bitterness and Aryan threatens to file a complaint with the drink company so that Imlie never has to drink such a bitter drink. He sweetens Imlie bitter mouth in a flash in no time, and they merge in each other’s gaze.

Arpita, accompanied by Narmada, enters and Arpita says we have arrived at the wrong time and smiles, teases us for arriving at the wrong time when Aryan says that you have come at the right time and asks what was the work mother. ? , she tells that Aparna had invited her for the Paghphera ritual, Narmada informs her. Imlie remembers that Mithi pressured her to marry Aryan, and she believes that Mithi misjudged the Paghphera ritual. Narmada tells them that they will come to Tripathi’s house soon. Neela and Gudiya come inside and tease Imlie about how excited she is to meet her ex-husband at Tripathi’s house. Imliereplies that she will participate in the pathphera, to which her mother has invited her. She then kicks them out of the room.

Aryan and Imlie go to Tripathi’s residence. She is very happy when Aparna sees him and does his aarti. Aditya comes inside and asks why he didn’t tell them about his journey as he would have left the house soon. Aparna claims that this is Imlie house and Aditya has no right to react. Imlie is shielded by Aryan, who claims that he is protecting her from the evil eye/Aditya, as told by Aparna. Imlie is shocked. Aditya sighs and walks away drowning.

Imlie thinks of going to Aditya’s interview and knocks on his door. Aditya asks why is she here. She wants to talk to you about Arvind’s case. He accuses Aryan of coming to support and humiliates him with his harsh words. She claims that he constantly insults her and doubts her intentions, despite the fact that she only seeks his help in Arvind’s case and knows he will not. He stops and hands over the pictures he had taken. Imlie is present, and Aryan notices her. Aditya asks about her insecurities. Aryan claims that he and Imlie don’t need to explain themselves as he trusts his wife. He gets up and leaves. Imlie is astonished as he remembers his words.

Imlie later searches the file of Arvind’s list of workers and goes to his room, where she finds it dusty and cleans it up. Then she looks at her laptop. When Aryan sees this, he becomes enraged, remembering Arvind’s fire accident. He angrily shatters the laptop and warns him not to think of himself as a god, that his life was better before he came, that it has complicated his life, and that he should regard himself as a god. Shouldn’t think.

Next Episode – Aryan assures Imlie that everything in this room belongs to him. She asks what will she do if he breaks her laptop. He claims that he taught her how to collect data.

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