Plaza Wires IPO Date, Review, Price, Allotment Status, Analysis

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Investing in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs) can be an exciting way to become a shareholder in a promising company.

Plaza wires IPO : Leading wire and cable industry ‘Plaza Wires’ recently announced its IPO, leading to significant interest among investors.

We are going into much more detail about the Plaza Wires IPO allotment status, refund process, demat account credit, and the eagerly awaited listing date in this broad guide blog post.

We’ll also cover related topics like the Plaza Wires IPO allotment date, the subscription status for Plaza Wires’ IPO, today’s GMP, a review of Plaza Wires’ IPO, and whether it’s a wise investment.

Plaza Wires IPO Details

Plaza wires limited announced its IPO on 29 September 2023 and the bidding dates are between 29 Sep 2023 to 05 Oct 2023. Issue size of this IPO is Rs 71.28 Cr

IPO Plaza Wires
Bidding Dates29 Sep 2023 – 5 Oct 2023
Minimum Investment₹14,127
Lot Size277
Price Range₹51-₹54
Issue SizeRs 71.28 Cr
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Plaza Wires Company Details

Established in 2006, Plaza Wires specializes in the production and marketing of a diverse range of products, including wires, LT aluminum cables, and fast-moving electrical goods (FMEG), all marketed under the ‘PLAZA CABLES’ brand. In 2021, the company expanded its offerings with the introduction of ‘Action Wires,’ a budget-friendly line of house wires.

Plaza Wires’ product portfolio extends to a variety of items, encompassing electric fans, water heaters, switches, switchgear, PVC insulated electrical tape, and PVC conduit pipes, along with related accessories.

Within the wires and cables category, Plaza Wires focuses on manufacturing building wires, single and multicore round flexible industrial cables, and industrial cables for submersible pumps and motors rated up to 1.1kv.

Additionally, for products like LT power control cables, TV dish antenna co-axial cables, telephone and switchboard industrial cables, computer and LAN networking cables, closed-circuit television cables, and solar cables, they collaborate with third-party manufacturers to produce these items according to their specific requirements.

Parent OrganisationPlaza Wires Limited
Founded in 2006
Managing DirectorMr. Sanjay Gupta

Plaza Wires IPO GMP Today

As per today the GMP of Plaza wires IPO is 15₹. Stay updated with real-time information on Plaza Wires IPO’s Grey Market Premium to gauge current market sentiment and demand.

We can expect 20-30% returns on Plaza Wires IPO.

Is Plaza Wires IPO Good or Bad?

Consider various factors, including financial performance, industry outlook, and expert opinions, to determine whether investing in Plaza Wires IPO aligns with your financial goals and risk tolerance. Weigh the potential benefits against the risks before making a decision.

We will provide some financial data of plaza wires limited that help you to understand about the company revenue, net worth and total profit.

Registrar of Plaza Wires IPO

KFin Technologies is the official registrar of Plaza Wires IPO.

Plaza Wires IPO Allotment status check online

The allotment of Plaza wires IPO will be on 9 October 2023, so if you have also applied for Plaza wires IPO, then you can also get its share.

If you want to check Plaza Wires IPO Allotment Status, then you must have the application number or PAN number because on the basis of its application number you will be able to find out whether you have been allotted shares of Plaza Wires or not.

So let us know how to check Plaza Wires IPO Allotment Status Online. So you have to follow the steps given below and know your allotment status.

Step 1. First of all you have to open this website in your phone or laptop –

image 1

Step 2. After opening the website, you will see many link options, so you can click on any one of them. We have clicked on Link 1.

image 2

Step 3. Now you have to select IPO, then select Plaza Wires in it, after that you have to enter the application number, demat account or PAN number, after that you have to fill the captcha and click on the submit button.

After filling these information, you will know whether you have been allotted shares or not. Many times people do not find their IPO name on the website, so you can try refreshing the website again after some time.

Now many people would also like to know that if they are not allotted shares then when will the money be refunded.

FAQs [Plaza Wires Limited] –

Plaza Wires IPO Review

We can expect 20-30% returns on Plaza Wires IPO so it can be consider as good IPO.

Plaza Wires IPO Allotment Date

Plaza Wires IPO to be allotted on 9 October 2023.

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